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           Currently the handbooks are not for sale. these Handbooks, handouts and instructional material are being

           used to complete articles in the monthly magazine that is now out for Sale at pfox@bullssoxacademy.com

           with part of the funds going for equipment for players in need. The first issue is free! Then if you decide that

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           Coach Phil Fox                             Cost per year is $30.00

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           Any questions email me at:  pfox@bullssoxacademy.com 

            Hitting Handbook                   Pitching Handbook                 Coaching Handbook               Outfield Handbook

            Base running Handbook          Rundowns at its Best            Catching Handbook                Pitching Tips

            Baseball quotes                      Youth Manual                        Defense Handbook                  Dynamic Stretching

            Throwing and Catching         Cuts and Relays                    Pitching Tips  



           Baseball Musts               All Position Drills                10 Commandments       20 Signs of a Good Base runner

           All Pyramids                   C’s and what they mean     Dynamic Warm  ups      Great Pitching

           Baseball Test                  All Charts                             Great Hitting                   Team Rules

           Six F's of Fielding           Six S's of Hitting                  What is a Balk                The Aggressive Hitter

           Medicine Ball Workout   Player Checklist                  How to Bunt​                    The Level it takes to be Great

           The Physics of Pitching  Mental Toughness              Hitting by Ted Williams  Hitting Finger Drill

           Elite Pitching Focus        Color Code Mindset            Hitting Strategy               Speed & Conditioning

           Hitting 3 Major Musts     When to Shift Infield            Bat Grip and Angle           Absolutes of How to Hit

           Strength Training           Exercise to throw harder  3 Part Pitching Program  Ways to Encourage Players           

           Hitting Drills                    Pitching Bullpens               Good Practice Principles




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